Tree planting

The story of our patron, Madam Yi Jiefang

Continuing the wish of her son who died at the age of 22 in a car accident, Madem Yi Jiefang founded a non-profit making organization called “NPO-Greenlife” in 2002 and devoted her savings, her son’s life insurance and accident compensation, and sale proceeds of her properties in Japan to fund the cost of tree planting in the Taminchagan Desert in Kulunqi county of Inner Mongolia, China. She had organized to complete planting 1.1 million trees, 4 years ahead of the original target date in 2014.


photo: HomelandGreen members visiting Madam Yi Jiefang's tree planting bases in 2012

Miraculous recovery of desertified Kulunqi (2012)

HomelandGreen members visiting Madam Yi


Reports on Madam Yi Jie-Fang by the public mass media (公共傳媒採訪易解放)

Website of Madam Yi Jie-Fang 易解放女士創辦的網站